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NIKATO couture is a fashion brand established by Slovenian fashion designer Nika Pulko.

She graduated in 2011 from textile and fashion design on NTF in Ljubljana, Slovenia. When she first arrived to NTF she gained recognition as the best student for the artistic field in the Department of Textile NTF in 2008.

Her clothes have been presented already in magazines such as Elle, Grazia, Modna, L&Z... She was selected to participate in a fashion exhibition South-southeast in Ljubljana, where 50 best designers from 12th countries of Southern and Southeastern Europe were presented.

Before postgraduate studies she lived in France for a while, where she worked on her collection The Warrior.

In 2012 her collection Alekseja was chosen as the best collection of the year in  fashion show Wings.

In 2013 she was a coordinator of fashion shows in Philips Fashion Week Ljubljana for NTF where she also presented her collection Box of Chocolates.

In 2014 Nika finished her masters degree from organization of fashion shows and fashion exhibitons.

Now she works on new projects and collections and is located mostly in Switzerland.

Thanks to everybody who worked with NIKATO couture and made this portfolio what it is:


Matic Verbančič (The Warrior, Alekseja, Box of chocolates)

Luka Gorjup (Attention, NIKATO bride)

Saša Mencinger (Slovenian dress)

Tereza Poljanič (photoshoot Designer + model)


Teja Sedovšek (The Warrior, Alekseja, Box of chocolates)

Ami Kadribašič (NIKATO bride, Box of chocolates)

Lea Bernot (Slovenian dress, Designer + model)

Neja Žagar (Attention)

Anja Licke (Summer romance)

Make up artists:

Anja Kert (The Warrior, Slovenian dress)

Ema Bavcon (Box of chocolates)

Tatjana Stojanovič (Alekseja)

Ayda Wild (Attention)


Simon Potokar - TRIM (The Warrior, Alekseja, Box of chocolates)

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